Sir Henry at Rawlinson End

sir-henry-poster-01Vivian Stanshall’s Sir Henry at Rawlinson End

With the blessing of the Stanshall family, the acclaimed actor Mike Livesley – who plays all the characters – presents a superb theatrical performance of this classic text, with crack musical accompaniment by seven piece band, Brainwashing House.  Mike recreates the world of Sir Henry et al in a production that affectionately, energetically, brilliantly and authentically reproduces the original in a not-to-be missed performance of eccentricity in a wonderfully realized homage to Stanshall’s imaginative wit.

‘Suddenly you realised that this special and private thing you’d treasured all these years was special and private to a whole lot of other people too.’ Adrian Edmondson

‘A tour de force and a work of Art.’ Neil Innes (former Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band)

‘An exquisitely-honed evening of wit, filth and strangeness in a very good cause, keeping the legacy of a great English artist alive.’ (Andrew Male, MOJO)


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