Terms And Conditions

To comply with DTI regulations every entertainment agency and business must publish its Terms and Conditions. These are the Terms & Conditions for Shoreditch Music Agency Limited.
Please read our terms and condition before either making a booking. Any bookings made whether confirmed verbally, electronically or in writing are subject to a contract which refers to the following terms and conditions as stated on this website at shoreditchmusicagency.com.
Any performer or group of performers obtaining work through Shoreditch Music Agency will be known as as “the Artiste” and the hirer will be known as “the Client”. Any changes to these terms and conditions will need to be agreed in writing by all parties involved.

Employment Agency/Employment Business

Shoreditch Music Agency is an Employment Agency but, under certain conditions, may act as an Employment Business. Shoreditch Music Agency limits its obligations to those contained in The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003.

As an Employment Agency, Shoreditch Music Agency acts as an “Agent” and negotiates a contract between the “Client” and the “Artiste”. It acts as a negotiator in all contracts, advising and safe-guarding the interests of both parties, and cannot be held responsible for breach of contract by the Client or Artiste for whatever cause arising. In some cases, when dealing with Companies or Organisations, Shoreditch Music Agency will act as an Employment Business and is party to the contract as the supplier of entertainment. This is usually where a Company or Organisation requires to be sent an invoice for the Entertainment. In which case, Shoreditch Music Agency will invoice the Client directly.

Booking an Artiste

Contracts and Fees

When acting as an Employment Agency or Employment Business, the client agrees to pay a deposit which is 15% of the artists fee to Shoreditch Music Agency to secure the booking. This percentage is agreed between the Artiste and Shoreditch Music Agency when the Artiste joins the agency and may vary for certain acts. This is Shoreditch Music Agency’s fee for obtaining and arranging work. Any travel costs will not be included in the calculation of this fee and these will go directly to the Artiste. When acting as an employment agency the balance will be paid to the Artiste in cash prior to their performance. If offered a cheque the artiste has the right to refuse to perform and will still be due payment for the night. Cheque is not a guarateed payment on the night.

When acting as an Employment Business the Client will pay the full cost directly to Shoreditch Music Agency 10 days prior to the booking. Two cheques will be required. One for the deposit which will be made payable to Shoreditch Music Agency Limited and the remaining fee made payable to Shoreditch Music Agency Client Account.

Shoreditch Music Agency will inform Clients of the availability of the Artiste and fees due. Fees stated on the website are for guidance only and are subject to change by the Director at any time.

All bookings will firstly be confirmed verbally or electronically by email between the Artiste and Client then by the signing of a PDF booking contract firstly from the client. This must be signed by the client and returned with the deposit within 10 days.

After receiving the confirmation email and/or signed contract from the client the artiste will then be issued a booking confirmation which should be signed and returned within 10 days.

If the client sends a confirmation email or letter stating that they would like to book entertainment with the date and named entertainment then the client will be bound by the terms of business whether the deposit has been paid or not and a signed contract has been returned or not.

The booking will be concluded when Shoreditch Music Agency has a returned contract from the client, confirmation letter or confirmation email and a signed contract from the artiste.
Shoreditch Music Agency will hold the copies of the signed contracts on behalf of the Client and the Artiste and will act as the Agent negotiator between both parties.

If the Client’s contract and deposit are not received within 10 working days, then Shoreditch Music Agency reserves the right to book the Artiste to another Client.

When acting as an employment agency all fees due to the Artiste(s) will be paid before they start in cash unless otherwise arranged. The fee will be paid from the designated person on the day of the performance as stated in the signed booking contract from the Client.

The Client agrees not to approach the artist directly to engage for further bookings, but that all future bookings are negotiated through Shoreditch Music Agency except where the bookings are to take place in excess of 12 months from the initial performance date.

If the client requires a PAT certificate and the band are not willing to pay for this then the client will be liable for any costs.

Cancellation by the Client

Cancellation of contracts negotiated through Shoreditch Music Agency is not normally possible without the agreement of all concerned parties. In the event of cancellation by the hirer the following fees will apply:
0-7 days 100%
8-14 days 75%
15-27 days 60%

All booking fees paid are non refundable.

Cancellation by the Artiste(s)

The artiste may not cancel a booking unless unable to perform due to force majeure, illness or strikes and can provide reasonable proof which is acceptable under applicable United Kingdom Law. If the artiste fails to fulfill a contract without proof of force majeure, illness or strikes the agency reserves the right to make any future contracts between the agency and the artiste null and void. Under such circumstances Shoreditch Music Agency or the Artiste will do their best to replace the act with a similar one.

The Artiste will make every effort to inform Shoreditch Music Agency as soon as possible of the need to cancel due to force majeure, illness or strikes.

Performance Conditions

The Client agrees to provide suitable sustenance during the Artistes break which should be no less than 45 minutes during a 4 hour booking. This should at the least be a drink and sandwich. If the Artiste has to travel more than two hours to the venue then an evening meal may need to be provided depending on the timing of the booking.

The Client shall provide a suitable performance area and, where electrical equipment is to be used, provide an adequate power supply conforming to all relevant British Standards, including, but not restricted to, BS 1362, BS 1363, BS 5424, BS 6423, BS 6626, BS 7430, BS 7671, BS 7909, BS 60309 and BS 60947.

Where the Act is expected to wear stage clothing, the Client must provide adequate dressing room facilities. Public toilets are not acceptable.

If an artiste feels verbally abused or physically threatened by any person in the venue then they shall be entitled to terminate the performance without refund.

The venue must ensure that there is adequate parking adjacent to the venue’s access point to enable the loading and unloading of the Artiste(s)’ equipment.

Where a first dance is required the Client agrees to inform the band 30 days before the performance date. The band has the right to refuse to play it if either it is not in their set or they feel that it is not suitable for the band. In these circumstances it shall be played either on CD or an i-pod through the bands PA. Any requests for ceremonial music should be made at least one month prior to the performance. Any arrangement needed will be charged for and this should be arranged with and paid directly to your artiste.

The use of the Artistes equipment is restricted to the Artistes only.

Pursuant to relevant laws, artiste(s) shall be entitled to terminate the performance without refund if the hirer, guests and/or any third party smokes within the performance room / venue


The set-up time (from access) shall be one hour, where access is taken to be the time when the designated performance area has been prepared and the commencement of the set-up has been approved by an officer with authority to issue said approval.

Performances, including an interval, shall be of an agreed duration between specific hours. Extra time cannot be expected at the end due to a late start where a wedding/function meal has over run. Any change to the performance time should be agreed prior to the performance date and an amended contract issued to both the Client and Artiste.

If a change of location is needed a new contract will need to be issued and agreed with all parties.

Change to the contract on the day

Any changes to the contract needed on the day will be between the Artiste and the Client and should be agreed in writing. The Artiste has the right to refuse any request and will be paid the full amount agreed. Any changes to the contract agreed on the day between the Client and Artiste must be submitted to Shoreditch Music Agency within 7 days of the change.

Any dispute arising from such agreements, which have not been been arranged in writing by Shoreditch Music Agency, must be settled between the Client and the Artiste. Shoreditch Music Agency cannot be held responsible for any such agreements for whatever cause arising.

Complaints and Disputes

Shoreditch Music Agency acts as an agent between the Client and Artise and will try to resolve any disputes within 7 days. If an agreement cannot be found both parties must seek a remedy through the courts.

Conduct of Artistes

The Artiste(s) will have all legally required insurances and test certificates for their equipment. We advise that you have all equipment PAT tested, accidental damage cover and public liability insurance with a minimum of £1,000,000.

The Artiste (s) will not be intoxicated or take any illegal drugs prior or during a performance.

The Artiste is not employed by Shoreditch Music Agency and is responsible for managing their own self assessment relating to Income Tax, Value Added Tax and National Insurance contributions.

Leaving The Agency / Band Break Up

The Artiste(s) will be expected to fullfill any engagements taken through Shoreditch Music Agency by booking contract and adhere to these terms and conditions


We understand and respect the sensitivity of any personal information you provide us. In line with current UK data protection laws we have developed the following privacy policy:

Electronic and Postal Mail
We will not send you neither unwanted e-mail nor postal mail.

Your contact details will not be shared with any other individual or organisation without your consent.

We will only use your e-mail/postal mail to communicate with you about your booking(s) with us and/or to send you information you have requested about our products or services.

We may contact you with news about our services, products and special offers.

Disclosure of Information
We take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access to your personal data. We always act responsibly to maintain your confidentiality and will only use your personal data in servicing your booking(s) with us or in dealing with requests for information you have made.

In all other circumstances the data we use to provide or promote our services as well as any information taken from you while you are using our web site will not be passed to any other individual or organisation.

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