The GrandMothers of Invention

grandmothers_800_web_01Touring the UK from October 15-22, 2015

The Music of Frank Zappa (featuring original members of The Mothers of Invention)

“Great news for Zappaphiles! Short of Frank himself coming back from beyond to bend ears and brains, this is about as close to an authentic live version of Zappa’s music as you can possibly get… Reaction on the fan web sites have been nothing short of rapturous.” — The Post

This is the only Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention alumni who have been consistently performing the music of the maestro since 2003. From the classic Freak Out, Absolutely Free, We’re Only In It For The Money, Uncle Meat and Burnt Weeny Sandwich — to — Weasels Ripped My Flesh, Apostrophe, The Grand Wazoo, Overnite Sensation, Roxy & Elsewhere, Bongo Fury, and One Size Fits All – they have performed on a very long list of classic Frank Zappa & the Mother’s of Invention’s albums, movies, and other projects.

Rare are the musicians who can even play Zappa’s music, let alone make it live and breathe. The GrandMothers are able to go deeper into the material, rather than merely parroting Zappa’s notoriously tricky composed lines-as many try to do. This is truly the reincarnation of the Mother of Invention.

The GrandMothers of Invention, (having performed in Zappa’s mid to late 1970’s Mothers bands), are touring the world with the mission of keeping Frank Zappa’s music alive. With three different Zappa era represented, the GrandMothers have a wide palette of material to choose from. They serve up vintage psychedelia – rock songs with surreal lyrics, jazz-like harmonies and melodic complexity, with flashes of wacky satire. They are amazing virtuoso musicians, fun and funny.

Touring line-up:

DON PRESTON (31 Shows with Frank Zappa — with the Mothers from 1966-1974) on piano, keyboard synthesizers, electronics, gongage, magic, and vocals

BUNK GARDNER (Sax, flute, EWI, vocals — played with the Mothers from 1966-1969)

CHRISTOPHER GARCIA (the only drummer/percussionist, vocalist to hold the drum chair since 2003 for the Grandmothers of Invention) on drums, percussion, marimba, and vocals,

“Mad” MAX KUTNER (electric guitar, what-nots, pedals, hats and hair — described as “a guitarist’s guitarist”!)

ERIC KLERKS (Bass, vocals — many people  in the UK will know Eric for his role as a modern member of The Magic Band)






5 Responses to The GrandMothers of Invention

  1. Ewan Lawrie says:

    Touring Europe? Spain?

  2. Andy BlessedRelief Baxter says:

    Can someone let me know dates and venues plzzzzzzzz #UncleFrank

  3. bill says:

    Thank you for keeping the flame
    burning. Karry On

  4. yoav kaufman says:

    Grandmothers ate thee best

  5. chris coffey says:

    Once I know the gigs I will be able to choose. If they are in the Liverpool/Manchester area I can help publicise.
    I saw them at the Citadel St. Helens many years ago.

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