The Rutles

rutles_logoDirk McQuickly and Ron Nasty first met in early 1959, at the now-legendary address, 43 Egg Lane, Liverpool. After teaming up with Stig O’Hara – a guitarist of no fixed hairstyle – they began playing as a three-piece. After eighteen short months, the pre-Prefab Four came across drummer Barrington Womble, who was persuaded to call himself Barry Wom to save time, and his haircut to save Brylcreem, hiding in their van. The classic Rutles line-up was complete.

At the suggestion of their then-manager Arthur Scouse, the group went to Hamburg in 1961. There, they played all the clubs on the Reeperbahn, particularly The Rat Kellar. With them was 5th member, Leppo (who mainly stood at the back). It was in The Rat Kellar that Leppo crawled into a trunk with a diminutive German fräulein and was never seen again. As luck would have it, he had little or no musical talent, anyway.

Later that same year, fate arrived in the shape and other attributes of the one-legged Bolton-based retail chemist, Leggy Mountbatten who, after falling into “The Cavern” one night, declared he despised the boys’ music but liked the cut of their jib – in particular the cut of their trousers. Leggy became their manager, polished up their image, and touted them around most of the large record companies. In time, they succumbed to the charms of (and tea served at) Parlourphone, and their début album, (recorded in twenty minutes – their 2nd took even longer – became a huge success. The rest, as they say, is history…

Ron Nasty and Barry Wom reform The Rutles for this very rare club performance. Expect all the Prefab Four’s greatest hits performed live, including Ouch!Cheese & Onions, and I Must Be In Love.


8th to 27th May, 2018


The Rutles appearing on this short tour will almost certainly be played by:

  • Neil Innes (lead vocals/piano/guitar) | John “The Admiral” Halsey (drums/vocals)| Jay Goodrich (bass/vocals) | Phil Jackson (keys/piano/vocals) | “Rutling” Ken Thornton (guitars/vocals)

Note: we are not expecting participation from Eric Idle or other actors who appeared in the All You Need Is Cash rockumentary, so please don’t email and ask.

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