The Pretty Things

Pretties Logo Colour

“The Beatles were cute, The Stones were students, but The Pretty Things were just plain frightening!” – John Peel


“The most exciting rock ‘n’ roll band of the last 50 years who are still on the road today” – Jack White, The White Stripes

“The Sweet Pretty Things” – Bob Dylan (namecheck in Tombstone Blues)

 “Phil May is GOD!!” -entry in David Bowie’s Telephone Book

The Pretty Things

In the early 1960s, three bands led the British Beat Boom: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Pretty Things. The wildest, most dangerous of them all were the Pretty Things. Their hard-edged blues-rock, influenced by Bo Diddley and Jimmy Reed, transformed into psychedelic rock.

‘SF Sorrow’ was the first rock opera, preceding The Who’s ‘Tommy’ by six months.

In the intervening years, The Pretty Things have lost none of their power or edge and are still led by lead singer Phil May and original Rolling Stones guitarist Dick Taylor.

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