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After the success of last year’s Major Happy Tour, Neil Innes and John Halsey (aka Ron Nasty and Barry Wom) have been persuaded to bring THE RUTLES back for one more UK Tour during May/June 2019.

As everyone knows, The Rutles story began on January 21, 1959 at 43 Egg Lane, Liverpool, where Ron Nasty and Dirk McQuickly first bumped into each other. Ron invited Dirk to help him stand up. Dirk, merely an amateur drinker, agreed and on that spot a legend was created, a legend that will last a lunchtime.

They were soon to be joined by Stig O’Hara, a guitarist of no fixed hairstyle, but it would be another two years before they found their regular drummer, Barrington Womble, hiding in the van. When they did, they persuaded him to change his name to save time and his haircut to save Brylcreem. He became simply Barry Wom.

The rest of The Rutles story is legendary (and can be read on the band’s realtively new website).

The Rutles line-up will be:
Neil Innes (lead vocals/piano/guitar)
John “The Admiral” Halsey (drums/vocals)
Jay Goodrich (bass/vocals)
Phil Jackson (keys/piano/vocals)
“Rutling” Ken Thornton (guitars/vocals)

Among other things, Neil Innes was a founding member and principal songwriter of The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, as well as the “musical member” of the Monty Python team. John Halsey is a drummer of note and is featured on Lou Reed’s Transformer album, including the iconic ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. The other members of the band will require no introduction from me…

The Rutles will be touring between May 9th and June 9th, 2019 and are looking for a fee against a percentage + hotels for 8 (or accommodation allowance). Or, make me an offer.

Although the tour period lasts for 30 days, The Rutles will not be available for more than roughly 18-20 shows, as the ‘old boys’ like to take a break every few days to enjoy the countryside…

Please contact me with your availabilities and offer.

The fo
llowing dates have already been booked:
May 2019
Fri 17- London
Sat 18- Lewes
Sun 19- Lewes
Thu 23- Liverpool
Sat 25- Edinburgh
Sun 26- Glasgow
Thu 30- Grimsby
Fri 31- Newcastle
June 2019
Sat 01- Leeds
Sun 02- Manchester
Tue 04- Bilston (Wolverhampton)
Thu 06- Exeter
Fri 07- Bath
Sun 09-Norwich

Ron Nasty and Barry Wom reform The Rutles for this very rare club performance. Expect all the Prefab Four’s greatest hits performed live, including Ouch!Cheese & Onions, and I Must Be In Love.

Now Booking:


9th May to 9th June 2019


The Rutles appearing on this short tour will almost certainly be played by:

  • Neil Innes (lead vocals/piano/guitar) | John “The Admiral” Halsey (drums/vocals)| Jay Goodrich (bass/vocals) | Phil Jackson (keys/piano/vocals) | “Rutling” Ken Thornton (guitars/vocals)

Note: we are not expecting participation from Eric Idle or other actors who appeared in the All You Need Is Cash rockumentary, so please don’t email and ask.


2 Responses to The Rutles

  1. Blake Devitt says:

    Milton Keynes gig fantastic.
    Took three people, two of them strangers to Rutlemania, and they were blown away. We drank and sang too much….

    I bored Neil afterwards ( tired and emotional )and also forgot to ask him why he didn’t say “We’ve suffered for our music blah blah” at the beginning…also please thank him for the wonderful wonderful questions on ‘Chain reaction’ on Radio 4 when he interviewed Graham Linehan.

    Is there a ‘standard’ starting fee for the band to play a 60th birthday party next year, and what arrangements/rider list is in place? I couldn’t go ahead with a booking for my 60th last year, but my friend who saw them last night would like to know.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the delay. For some reason, this just reached us. The band will probably be touring (and so available) in October/November 2020. There is no “standard” fee but, depending on the night and travelling distance (and assuming they would have to arrange their own PA and lights, they would be looking at something like £2,500-£3,000.

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